The Healthline Team - Who are we?

The Healthline Team are the contracted provider for the FCO and other Partners across Government elected to manage the overseas healthcare and UK occupational health requirements (FCO and FCOS only) of staff and dependants. The Healthline is managed by Healix International and RPS. Back to top

How does the clearance process work?

You will be provided with a Medical Clearance/Job Code and told to come to this website to get your clearance.

The Codes relate to different types of clearance for different Government departments. Firstly they tell us what type of Clearance you are trying to obtain:
- Pre-Posting Clearance
- Duty Traveller Clearance

Secondly, your Code also tells us to whom we should send the clearance outcome, other than yourself. EG: The relevant Posting Department. Back to top

What do I need in advance to do a Clearance?

You will need your Medical Clearance/Job Code which should have been given to you.

You will then be asked some medical information but if you do not have all the answers to hand you can save your form for up to 7 days.

We WILL need your Staff or PF number - this is key to recognising who you are and linking to any other family members. Back to top

I have my CODE, what do I do now?

Once you have your code you should register an account. Do this by clicking Register

Step 1 - Register
Step 2 - You will receive an email. Click the link in the email to Validate your account
Step 3 - The link will bring you back to the Home Page of the website. You can now log in using your CODE and your Username and Password that you have created
Step 4 - Complete the clearance forms and await the outcome from the Healthline Team

NOTE: If you have other dependants for whom you need to get clearances (e.g.: a Pre-Posting), you can now clear them using your username and password.

But, if you prefer to submit clearances separately you simply register a unique account for each person . Please make sure that you use exactly the same Medical Clearance Code and PF/Staff number so that the clearances can still be linked. Back to top

Why do I have to create a login and password?

Your information is important to us. In order to keep it secure you are required to have an individual account. Your individual account can only be created using a secure login and password. Please keep your login and password information safe. Back to top

Where do I get my login and Password from?

You simply create these by clicking the Register button. The Username and Password is created by you - the more complex the better for your own security. Back to top

How will I know the outcome of my clearance?

Once you click 'submit' a message appears to confirm receipt of your application and to inform you of the next steps in the process. If further information is required you will be contacted by a member of the Healthline team. You will receive notification once your application has been assessed. If you have not heard from us within 72 hours please contact the Healthline. Back to top

I have Dependants - How do they get clearance?

Dependants can be registered under your existing account. All clearances will be linked by your PF or Staff number.
If you prefer to submit clearances separately you simply register a unique account for each person. Please make sure that you use exactly the same Medical Clearance Code and PF/Staff number so that the clearances can still be linked. Back to top

How to Submit a dependent pre-posting clearance form?

To complete a dependants form you will need to return to the Healthline log in page. You can either create a new Username and Password but use the same Medical Clearance Code, or you can complete dependant form(s) by logging in using the same Username and Password and Medical Clearance Code. The correct form is presented to you after you have selected the dependant type (e.g. spouse, child) and entered the date of birth and all personal details. Back to top

Do dependants need their own account?

Not necessarily. It is possible to complete your dependant's forms using your own username and password if you have the dependant’s consent to do so. Dependants' clearance forms for young children under 16 years of age must be completed by their parent/guardian. For dependants over the age of 16 they must either do their own clearance form or you must have consent to complete this for them. This is to ensure confidentiality of Medical Data. Where you do not have the consent each dependant over 16 years of age must register their own unique account and username (please see I have Dependants - How do they get clearance?). Back to top

Where do I get a CODE for a dependant?

Dependants do not need their own CODE. They use the same code as the Staff Member/Officer but can create their own username and password. Back to top

Can I get help completing my clearance?

If you have difficulty completing your form online please contact a member of the Healthline team on +44 (0) 208 481 7800 Back to top

Why you do need to know my date of birth?

Your date of birth is required in order for you to be able to complete the appropriate clearance form. There are different forms depending on your age - EG: Adult forms, Child forms. Back to top

What if I have a health problem or a disability?

The aim of the Healthline service is to assess whether you are able to carry out the role that is expected of you and that your health will not suffer as a consequence of your employment. The Disability Discrimination Act is designed to ensure employers make reasonable and practical adjustments to help you work effectively. Back to top

What happens to my personal information after I have received my clearance?

The information you submit is moved to a secure database held in the UK. The database is only accessible by the Healthline provider’s authorised employees and subject to strict access permissions based on Need to Know and Least Privilege Principles. In the event that you require medical assistance or travel advice whilst overseas your data will be accessed by a member of the Healthline team in order to identify you as an eligible individual and provide you with the best advice and/or treatment at the time. You can find more information on how the Healthline Provider store and process your personal data here Privacy Notice Back to top

Vaccinations - how do I get those?

If you are travelling abroad or being posted abroad your Parent Department will advise you how to get your vaccinations.

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